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Efrat’s commitment to coexistence with our Arab neighbors is a critical priority and a point of pride for all our residents. We take seriously our reputation for advancing innovative initiatives to ensure that our city is building bridges - not walls, fences, or barriers - with our neighbors. We work side-by-side with the Arab villages in the surrounding areas to create employment opportunities and intercultural experiences for engaging one another. We constantly strive to serve as a model for coexistence across Israel and the Middle East. 


Our new project, the Avraham Tent, is one such exciting and exemplary opportunity for a peaceful and productive Arab-Israeli exchange. In this authentic Bedouin tent, which will be erected in an open area between Efrat and the neighboring village of Wadi-Nis, visitors will be able to experience home-cooked Palestinian and Israeli food, traditional Arab coffee and tea, and feel the spirit of the region, while listening to local Arab and Israeli musicians. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to share the reality of life in Judea will generate increased tourism, employment, and collaboration for Israelis and Arabs, laying the foundation for peaceful coexistence now, and into the future!