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Our most ambitious project to date, Sha’ar Ha’ir or the Gate to the City of Efrat is a unique community, tourism and historical center. The city of Efrat, near Bethlehem, serves as the realization of the vision which foresees the return of the Jewish people to its homeland, as promised by the prophets.


The Torah tells us, "The people at the gate and the elders answered, “We are witnesses. May the LORD make the woman who is coming into your house like Rachel and Leah, both of whom built up the House of Israel! May you prosper in Ephrata and perpetuate your name in Bethlehem!" (Ruth 4:11)


In a region which was desolate, barren, and uninhabited just a few decades ago, now a thriving and growing city has been built, reviving the glory of the time of the Bible and the Holy Temple. In the fields of Bethlehem, where Ruth the Moabite walked and where the dynasty of the kingdom of Israel was born, a vibrant Israeli community is being established, where the laughter of Jewish children, and the prayers of their parents, is once again heard throughout the many homes across our seven neighborhoods.


At the main entrance to Efrat, the Sha'ar Ha'ir (Gate to the City) will serve to welcome those who come and visit our city from across Judea, Samaria, Israel and the world, just as Bethlehem received Ruth when she returned from the mountains of Moab. The Gate to the City is an urban landmark which will connects the city's glorious biblical past to our present day and age, presenting the treasured heritage of the Land of Judea. It will feature a state-of-the-art Visitors Center, providing tourist services to the many visitors who pass through Derech Ha'avot (Path of Our Patriarchs) where our forefathers Avraham, Yitzhak, and Yaakov walked from Jerusalem to Bethlehem and continued on to Hebron, the City of the Patriarchs.


From our Visitors Center, guests to our city will be able to enjoy The Bethlehem Promenade which will overlook the historic city and Solomon's Pools, which provided water to Jerusalem during the Second Temple period. The Gate to the City will also feature a courtyard, made from the ancient aqueduct that once supplied water to the Temple in Jerusalem. The entrance to the rock-cut shafts, some reaching as high as over 100 feet, will run expand from the Gate to the City compound.


The underground aqueduct - one of history’s most famed feats of human construction, known for its engineering sophistication and its technical capability - will lead to the Aqueduct Park, which will emerge from the Gate to the City. The park will recreate the ancient Judean landscapes and includes a stream of flowing water, just as it once had centuries ago.


If you are interested in becoming a private, foundational, or corporate sponsor of the City of the Gate project by making a significant financial gift, or providing an in-kind donation for our current infrastructure needs, please reach out to us at If you are interested in learning more about our future development phases, please reach out to us at to schedule a call, or meeting in Efrat, with our Development Foundation today. Sponsorship may include naming or memorialization opportunities for elements of the project.