Migdal Eder, our Jacob Sheep Farm, is the first of many projects we are building on the Eitam, where the community of Efrat is laying the foundations for our next city! 


The Jacob sheep are unique breed of sheep due to their piebald spotted and speckled patterns, knee bands, multiple horns (up to six!) and their extraordinary intelligence. They are a rare heirloom breed of the ancient sheep flock, originating in the Levant approximately 4000 years, and featured in the story of Jacob and Laban (Genesis 30). 


In late 2016, 119 of the Jacob Sheep made their Aliyah from Canada to Israel after 2,500 years in the Diaspora, and found their new (old) home in Judea, under the patronage of the city of Efrat! As the community who now serves as their hosts and protectors, we have a moral and ethical duty to ensure their survival and continuity in the modern state of Israel. 

Join us by making a donation of any size and invest in the future of this precious flock so we can continue their resettlement and help them thrive in their Biblical homeland! Your gift, of any size, will support the general operations of the farm, and the many needs of our ever-expanding herd of sheep. 


In the meantime, email us at to get started on naming or adopting our babies today) or if you are interested in becoming a private, foundational, or corporate sponsor by making a significant or recurring financial gift, or providing an in-kind donation to the Migdal Eder Farm.

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