It has been more than 30 years since the establishment of Efrat, and in that time the number of families in our community who have joined the circle of bereaved family members across Israel who have lost a loved one while serving in the Israel Defense Forces or in a terrorist attacks has continued to expand, and now stands at 17.


As a result, the community has gathered together to construct The Path of Heroism, to honor our fallen and provide a place for sharing our grief over and love for those who were taken from us too soon. 


The Path is now a critical center for our community, where official ceremonies are held and where our families can honor their loved ones. It also serves the needs of students and visitors, who come to learn more about the sacrifices made by our heroes and victims, through the educational program and kits provided at our nearby Youth Center.


We encourage you to come and visit this inspiring memorial on your next trip to Israel or Efrat, and learn more about the incredible sacrifices made by our community for the State of Israel and the Jewish people everywhere. We are also able to accommodate scheduled group tours.