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Riskin Center for Family and Kindness (Chessed)

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About the Project

Rabbi & Rabbanit Riskin Center for Family and Kindness (Chessed) – Efrat
The focus of activity in this center will be complementary therapeutic activity in the fields of family and personal health
In this complex, there will be therapy rooms, counseling and gatherings that will allow professionals in the above fields to help those in need of personal, marital or family counseling.
In the fields of health, the following treatments will be given:
Physiotherapy, chiropractic, occupational therapy, Chinese medicine, reflexology and medical gymnastics. The therapists will have recognized qualifications, proven experience and high-quality recommendations-
.This will be done for the well-being of the residents of Efrat and the improvement of their personal and family quality of life
.The inspiration of Rabbi Riskin's noble spirit since Efrat's establishment 40 years ago will continue now and in the future

Donations to this project are tax deductible in Israel (section 46) , USA (501(c)(3)).

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