Efrat prides itself on being one of the few fence-free communities in the Judea Region - because we choose to build bridges of coexistence rather than wall ourselves off from our Arab neighbors.


As a result, our security depends on a  "virtual fence" - a complex system of day and night vision cameras connected to our command and control system overseeing the safety of the 16,000 men, women, children, Palestinians workers and countless visitors who live in or pass through our community each and every day.


Now over a decade old, our security has begun experiencing significant delays, registering false alarms, or has failed to detect suspicious activity. Our outdated technology is also incompatible with new voice and video data transmission systems and lacks high quality imaging capacity. There is a critical and pressing need to replace both the security hardware and software which comprises the fence through basic technology upgrades and the deployment of new, high-tech integrative systems.

We welcome your support towards the purchase of new security systems or in-kind corporate donations from relevant security or security-technology companies from around the world!