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photography Shahar Azran

Approximately 30 families from overseas make aliyah to Efrat every year. Packing up and moving to Israel is a challenging and courageous act, and the Smooth Landing project will support these families and facilitate their adjustment.  
The Smooth Landing Project is a gemach that will lend sets of basic household items to our brand new residents, providing them with the things they need to set up their homes until they get settled. Each set contains a folding table, 5 chairs, a refrigerator, an electric stove, a kettle, a hot water urn, a hot plate for Shabbat, and mattresses for the whole family.
These sets provide comfort and peace of mind to the newcomers who won't have to worry about how they will prepare meals and where they will sit and sleep in the days after they land. Once their lift arrives or they have purchased their own items, the borrowed sets will be returned to the gemach to be lent out to the next incoming family. 
The Smooth Landing Project shows our olim how happy we are that they have moved to Israel and chosen Efrat as their home. A full set of household items costs NIS 2,500. Our goal is to purchase 30 sets so that we can warmly welcome all of our new olim year after year. Your contribution will bring us closer to this goal. Thank you for helping us to give olim a smooth landing.