HEALTH & WELLNESS community Center

Without a professional health, wellness and sports center in Efrat, members of our community - including children, the elderly and physically challenged residents - are forced to travel to other cities to maintain a healthy lifestyle, or receive necessary and specialized physical therapy services. With government funding already secured to begin construction, it is now up to the community to raise the remaining funds to build a state-of-the-art center, which will serve the 40,000 residents of Efrat and the greater Gush Etzion region.  

Part sports center, part community center, part medical facility, the center will offer therapeutic programs for people with motor disabilities, special activities for the elderly population, family oriented events, youth sports teams and competition, and promote a healthy lifestyle for all! 


2,000,000 USD









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Every year, Efrat hosts our very own half marathon for thousands of runners, featuring 21.1 km, 10 km, five km and two km races. The race attracts runners from across Israel and the world, as well as their friends, family, and communities in the surrounding areas. Dedicated to healthy lifestyles choices, family-fun activities, and opportunities to bring our diverse and thriving community together, the Efrat Half Marathon is one of our most successful and well attended events during the year, allowing our local businesses and beautiful landscape to be enjoyed by all. Join us in keeping the tradition alive by becoming a SUPPORTER, and make an individual donation in support of the event, or join us as a SPONSOR with your company's tax-deductible donation, and have your business featured at the event!


Community Partner Sponsorship $1,000

Support the marathon with a donation of $1,000 and have your logo and/or name featured on all advertising leading up to, and at, the event; at the start and finish line at the marathon; and on all One Sport channel coverage. Click here to become a Community Sponsor.


Bronze Sponsorship $5,000

Support the marathon with a donation of $3,000 and receive all the Community Partner Sponsorship perks and have your logo featured at the Jerusalem Marathon Expo advertising stand. Click here to become a Bronze Sponsor.


Silver Sponsorship $10,000

Support the marathon with a donation of $5,000 and receive all the Community and Bronze Sponsorship perks and have your logo featured on the official marathon shirt worn by registered participants and staff. Click here to become a Silver Sponsor.


Gold Sponsorship $15,000 

Support the marathon with a donation of $12,500 and receive all the Community, Bronze and Silver Sponsorship perks and receive naming rights over the race. To become a Gold Sponsor, contact us at


20,000 USD



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When Noa Choritz was diagnosed with breast cancer, she quickly discovered she was not alone, and that there were many other families in the community confronting serious illness. But government and other social service assistance had neither the capacity nor the resources to address much-needed psychological support for immediate family members who are also affected when a mother or father struggles with significant or life-threatening health issue. That’s when nine-year-old Efrat resident Azi Ginsberg came up with a truly epic and inspiring idea to get kids helping kids and families helping families. 


The Steven Esses Annual Shoko Run for Kids was launched in 2017 to raise the critical funds necessary to support the psychological needs of families facing cancer and other serious health-related issues. Why the “Shoko Run”? Because this kids-only marathon is not your regular race to the finish line! At every quarter of the one-KM marathon, our mini-marathoners gobble down a bag of Israel’s favorite childhood staple - Shoko - making this a marathon a real feast for the feet! 


Now heading into our 4th year, 'The Chocolate Milk Fund,' has supported countless  families confronting cancer and a range of critical health crises all across Efrat. Donate in support of this much-beloved family event in our community or make a donation directly to the Fund to assist a family in need.


If you are interested in becoming a private, foundational, or corporate sponsor of the Shoko Run by making a significant financial gift, or providing an in-kind donation for the event’s critical needs, please reach out to us at A full sponsorship of $5,000 supports 300 participants.

Learn more about the Shoko Run, view our photo gallery, or register for next year's race at



2​0,000 USD



For a complete project budget, please contact us at



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