ביחד בסגר

Operation ‘Rejoice in the Holidays’ is underway!


Once again we find ourselves in a difficult situation - In Efrat there are now:

 - 65 verified patients
 - Hundreds of families in isolation
 - Thousands of concerned and anxious residents
 - An entire country in quarantine!


It's time to demonstrate communal responsibility!
It's time to roll up our sleeves!
It's time to help others!


 Quality internet broadcasts for Efrat residents. Programming will include sports and fitness classes, Torah lessons, art classes, interesting interviews, and more!

special kits

A warm virtual hug from the Moaatza with kits for families and seniors in isolation. 

Simcha van

A mobile “Simcha Van” that will travel between the neighborhoods to celebrate Simchat Beit Hashoeva.

laptop for every kid

New laptops will be distributed by schools to families who need them for distance learning.

During the days of closure, we will work together to strengthen our community with the following projects