The Efrat Development Foundation was founded in 1990 and is funded by our residents, their friends and relatives, as well as pro-Israel philanthropists, social entrepreneurs and organizations around the world. 

The Foundation is devoted to improving the quality of life in Efrat, the capital of Gush Etzion. Through our diverse and innovative projects, the Foundation enriches the lives of our residents during the course of the entire life cycle, creating a safe environment for families to raise their children and find fulfillment.

As a growing community, development never stops. And we are currently working on a range of initiatives in need of support including improving security after a series of fatal attacks in and around Efrat; improving public services to support the increase in local and foreign visitors and tourist to Efrat and the Gush Etzion region; building a sports, health and recreational center to meet the demands of our growing family population; constructing a music and performance room to support cultural engagement and education; and building a new city on The Eitam among a range of other exciting projects. 

Through development large and small, the Foundation takes on responsibility for filling the voids in government funding is, strengthening the lives of it's citizens, nurturing the next generation, and creating a wholesome environment for a healthy and productive life. As Efrat continues to expand, the Foundation will ensure that the community, and it's cities, remain one of Israel's most beautiful, vibrant, safe and inspiring places to live.


The Efrat Development Foundation is a non-profit organization, and donations are tax-exempt under section 46 in Israel and under section 501c3 for US donations. If you would like to get involved with supporting the community, or partnering with us, please reach out at  to us at